Group Companies

MASY International

Established in 2003, MASY international is the trading arm of MASY Holding, and specialises in the provision of a wide range of high quality architectural and building finishing components and systems.

These include automatic doors, gates and shutters, skylight systems, customised car park shades & structural membrane, stainless steel work, ironmongery, stained and fusion art glass, floor mates, frameless glass hardware, steel and wooden doors.

MASY International has established enduring business partnerships with many leading regional and international suppliers.

Aluminium Systems Company (Alusys)

Alusys was created in 2006 to meet the growing demand in the Kingdom of Bahrain for high-quality, locally- fabricated aluminium and glass systems for building projects.

The company's product range comprises glass facades and skylights, aluminium composite cladding and architectural windows and doors, curtain wall sections and glass partitions, and automatic door entrances and shop fronts.

Strategically, the company provides MASY Holding with its own manufacturing capability, and further diversifies the Group's product portfolio of building finishing components and systems.

Ecowash Mobile Bahrain

In 2008, MASY Holding established Ecowash Bahrain to secure the exclusive franchise for Ecowash Mobile in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Originally developed in drought-stricken Australia, Ecowash Mobile is a waterless, environmentally-friendly car washing and detailing service, conveniently carried out at a customer's premises.

The company's initial client base in Bahrain includes major car dealers, corporate fleet owners, and private car owners. Future plan include helping entrepreneurial Bahrainis who lack start-up capital to open their own sub-franchises.


MASY Maintenance & Services

The formation of MASY Maintenance & Services in 2005 was a strategic move by MASY Holding to meet the need for specialist after-sales support for the product line of MASY International, especially for revolving doors and aluminium work.

The company subsequently identified new market opportunities, and diversified its activities into key growth segments such as contract maintenance and facilities management for commercial clients. Further diversifications followed in 2008, when MASY Maintenance Services launched a preventive maintenance and emergency repair service for residential properties.

Sepalumic Middle East

Sepalumic Middle East was formed in 2007 as 50-50 joint venture between sepalumic SA of France and MASY Holding. Established over 40 years ago, sepalumic is recognised as one of the leading global manufacturers of integrated aluminium systems for the constructions industry.

Headquartered in Bahrain, Sepalumic Middle East provides sales, marketing technical support and distribution of sepalumic's aluminium systems throughout the region. This joint venture illustrates the strategy of MASY Holding to grow its business and expand its presence outside Bahrain by establishing partnership with leading international players.

Textile BAU-ME

Textile ME is a 50/50 joint venture between MASY Holding Textile BAU-Germany and Texshade Prefabs-India.

The company specialises in the manufacture of structural membranes, with a range of materials including PVC and PTFE.

Supported be a dedicated German engineering team, Textile ME provides added value to the range of building finishing products provided by MASY Holding for the construction industry.